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Chinese Netizens Mock CCP’s Staged Picture

China News Service, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) mouthpieces, released a short video on the X delivering a propaganda message about “soldiers guarding the border despite being covered in frost.” Sharp-eyed netizens discovered discrepancies in the picture and concluded that it must have  been staged. The posting was circulated widely on social media, attracting numerous onlookers and much ridicule.

Here are some comments that were posted in response to the China News Service tweet:

  • “With so much snow, why is there not a single snowflake on the railing? And the clothes and guns are also clean. Besides staging scenes to stir up people’s emotion, does the CCP’s Propaganda Department have any other specialties? 😂”
  • “Why is there only frost on the face and hat, while the rest of the body and the gun have none?”
  • “Would anyone be stupid enough to let frost accumulate on their face like this? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sigh… (the media) loves to act…”
  • “The eyes are covered, why not clean them? How can they detect enemy movements?”
  • “It’s fake, staged! The necks of these two individuals are exposed. In temperatures of minus ten degrees, if we go by the amount of frost on the masks, their necks would have frozen to death already.”

Source: Aboluo, February 11, 2024