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China Daily Editorial Advocates French “Strategic Autonomy,” Collaboration with China

China Daily published an English-language editorial on French-Chinese relations titled “France’s insistence on strategic autonomy means it’s immune to bloc confrontation.” The editorial advocates for France and other European countries to collaborate with China and not go along with U.S. attempts at isolating China. Guangming Daily also published a Chinese-language commentary on the editorial.

Here are some excerpts from the China Daily piece:

“This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of diplomatic relations between China and France.”

“Thanks to France’s strategic independence, as well as the two countries’ common commitment to multilateralism, Sino-French relations have demonstrated stability and sustainability amid the global volatility. Despite the attempts of the United States to drive a wedge between them, they continue to seek to explore the potentialities of new areas of cooperation.”

“In the 25th China-France Strategic Dialogue … in Paris on Tuesday, “the willingness and openness the French side expressed to continue to deepen the already broad and productive pragmatic cooperation with China was a clear dismissal of the ‘security concerns’ the US has been hyping up with regard to cooperation with China. The green economy, clean technology, nuclear energy, artificial intelligence and aerospace are all ‘sensitive fields’ that the US seeks to exclude China from.

“That, along with the stable bilateral cooperation between China and other major EU members, including Germany and Spain … should serve to prove to the decision-makers of the European Union the necessity of upholding the bloc’s strategic autonomy in handling relations with China, as well as the rationality of providing a fair, transparent and sound business environment for Chinese enterprises. Doing so can help avoid the EU footing the bill for the US’ geopolitical gambling.”

1. China Daily, February 21, 2024
2. Guangming Daily, February 22, 2024