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Xinhua: “How Much of a Storm Can the West Stir up Using the Death of Navalny?”

Xinhua News Agency published an article claiming that the U.S.-led Western world has used the death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny to “stir up trouble, with the aim of targeting Russia’s upcoming Presidential election.”

The article said that as soon as the news of Navalny’s death came out, “the Western world, led by the United States,” began to collectively condemn Russia, calling Navalny’s death “political persecution.” The Xinhua article quoted several Russian politicians and think tankers who condemned the behavior of Western media and politicians as “absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate.” The article called Navalny an “outdated” political figure and said that he is a “tool” of the Western world to criticize Russia.

According to the article, “Navalny ‘s political stance was constantly shifting between alignment with right-wing, center-left, and nationalist groups. He eventually became an internet sensation, portraying himself as an anti-corruption ‘fighter.’ In the 2013 Moscow mayoral elections, he won 27% of the vote, ranking second. However, since then, his political influence in Russia continued to decline, and the size of the opposition rallies that he called for steadily diminished. Polls in recent years showed his national approval rating hovering near 1%.”

Source: Xinhua, February 23, 2024