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Xinhua: National Data Administration Launches Survey on Data Resources

A recent Xinhua article reported that, according to China’s National Data Administration (NDA), China has launched a “national data resources survey.” This nationwide survey will investigate the generation, storage, circulation, exchange, development, utilization, and security of China’s data resources. Its goal is to “implement the NDA’s ‘Overall Plan for the Construction of Digital China,’ assess China’s baseline of data resources, accelerate the utilization of data resources, and better leverage the value of the data element.” The survey will be jointly conducted by the NDA, the Office of the Central Cybersecurity and Information Technology Commission, the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security.

The survey targets the following organizations: provincial data management agencies, industry and information technology departments, public security departments (bureaus), provincial key data collection and storage equipment vendors, consumer Internet platform and industrial Internet platform companies, big data and artificial intelligence technology companies, application companies, data exchanges, central-government-owned enterprises, industry associations, chambers of commerce as well as the National Information Center.

Source: Xinhua, February 21, 2024