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China’s Foreclosure Market Sees Record Listings, Flat Sales in 2023

Data from China Index Academy, a Chinese real estate research firm, shows 100,400 foreclosed properties were put up for auction in January 2024, a 48.2% year-over-year increase from January 2023. About 12,700 foreclosed properties sold in January 2024 for ¥27.31 billion (US$ 3.8 billion). The transaction rate of 12.63% was lower than the 15.8% seen in January 2023.

Foreclosure transaction rates were higher in economically strong regions. Five provinces/municipalities – Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Tianjin and Fujian – saw rates of over 20%. Shanghai had the highest rate, at 38.6% (154 out of 399 listings sold). Zhejiang had the second highest rate, 35.94% (1,185 out of 3,297 sold).

China’s foreclosure market has seen increased attention in recent times due to economic headwinds and uncertainty. The China Index Academy estimates that there are about 800,000 foreclosure listings in China in 2023, a record 36.7% year-over-year increase compared with 2022. Only 149,000 of these 2023 listings transacted, however, totaling ¥300.41 billion (US$ 41.7 billion), on par with the total for 2022.

Industry insiders believe foreclosure listings and transactions will keep rising in 2024, indicating a hot foreclosure market. The economic climate and real estate conditions will continue to be key factors influencing supply and demand.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), February 25, 2024