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Xinhua: Foreign Politicians, Scholars, and Media Talking Trash About China’s Economy

China’s Xinhua news agency has published an article countering the numerous reports and predictions by foreign media regarding China’s economic downslide. The article blames Western politicians, scholars, and media for wearing “colored glasses” (having a biased perspective), “doomsaying” China’s economy. The article states that such “doomsaying” has existed for several decades and has always been incorrect. The article does not provide concrete evidence in defense of China’s current economic situation.

Some of the sentiments expressed in the article include:

  • “Gordon Chang, a ‘China collapse theory expert,’ has become a laughing stock.”
  • “During the 2008 international financial crisis, some U.S. politicians and scholars blamed the U.S. real estate bubble and global economic imbalances on ‘the high savings rates of China and other emerging market countries.'”
  • “In 2015, Western media revived the ‘Chinese economic collapse theory'”
  • “The West has substituted China as a scapegoat, blaming it for economic crises and socioeconomic problems.”
  • The West has “a stubborn Cold War mentality and ideological bias, aiming to undermine the outside world’s confidence in China’s economy.”

Source: Xinhua, February 22, 2024