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Xinhua: Sixty Percent of Western Chinese News Has the Purpose of Discrediting China

Xinhua recently reported on a press conference that Wang Qiu, a member of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Director of the Central People’s Radio Station, recently held. Wang commented that 60 to 70 percent of the mainstream Western media news on China has the purpose of discrediting China. He suggested that the People’s Political Consultative Conference should enhance its propaganda overseas. He explained that, since China is still a developing country, it is normal to have “a few issues.” If everyone were to focus on these issues, then China would no longer make progress. Wang emphasized that China has made obvious improvements in the areas of the rule of law as well as in human rights. The Western media should not stay in denial (of these improvements) by just manipulating negative hypes. As for the recent corruption reports in the domestic Chinese media, Wang pointed out that it is also normal to see challenges when a country is enjoying economic growth. 
Source: Xinhua, March 5, 2015