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China’s Official Media Blasts European Parliament Statements on Taiwan

China Daily, the official English-language mouthpiece of Chinese government, recently published an editorial criticizing the European Parliament (EP) for making statements about Taiwan.

During a recent plenary session, the EP adopted the “Annual Report on the Implementation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, 2023” in a vote of 338 in favor, 86 against and 122 abstentions. The report included language stating that “Neither Taiwan nor China is subordinate to the other” and “only Taiwan’s democratically elected government can represent the Taiwanese people on the international stage.” China Daily has argued that this wording is “problematic” and an “infringement on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The annual report also calls for supporting Taiwan’s participation in international organizations. China Daily has responded by accusing the EP of “interfering in China’s internal affairs.” It argues that the report will negatively impact China-EU relations, accusing some European Parliament politicians of being influenced by a “Cold War mentality” or “instigated by Washington to challenge China over Taiwan.”

Source: China Daily, March 3, 2024