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Qiushi: China’s Domestic Use of Soft Power

Qiushi reported that China has been innovative in transforming Western soft power into Chinese cultural soft power to achieve domestic objectives. The United States uses soft power as a means to promote hegemony. China has adopted soft power as an approach to enhance its comprehensive national power and international influence. “Domestically, [the soft power is used] to strengthen the development of socialist core values, to promote Chinese traditional culture, and to cultivate noble morals and enhance the cohesion of the Party, military and the people across the country. Internationally, [soft power is used] to disseminate China’s position and voice, to establish a good international image, to create a favorable international environment, and to promote the development of a peaceful, harmonious, and cooperative world.” 

The use of soft power domestically has more extensive strategic objectives than internationally, to “unify people’s minds and hearts” and to “advocate patriotism.” 

Source: Qiushi, March 16, 2015