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Qiushi: New Challenges for the Party’s Public Relations

According to an article in Qiushi, economic development has brought about new challenges for the Party in maintaining its relationship with the public. The following are some of these challenges:

The income disparity has added fuel to the public’s complaints. If not resolved, these complaints will weaken confidence and trust in the Party.

The open market economy has brought with it a laissez-faire and a multicultural ideology. This has weakened and diluted the Party’s education of the public.

The plurality in the social structure makes it difficult to lead and guide the people. For example, some domestic and overseas forces with ulterior motives have used new social organizations to compete with the Party for public support.

Economic globalization and the Internet make it easier for the West to achieve a cultural infiltration of China. News about the disintegration of some regimes and the collapse of long-term ruling parties all have had a disturbing psychological impact on the people of China. Further, some people no longer trust and follow the propaganda of the Party the way they used to.

The corruption of Party officials has also tarnished the Party’s image, breeding public hostility against Party officials.

Source: Qiushi, March 10, 2015