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RFI: Chinese EVs Flooding Europe, Will Challenge Core German Industries

Radio France Internationale (RFI) reported that “Chinese goods are pouring into European markets, and the first wave of repercussions for German industry has begun to take shape.” Below are some key points from the report:

Within China, sales of electric vehicles (EVs), consumer goods, and industrial products have stalled. State-owned enterprises are facing overcapacity. China’s plan [to alleviate the overcapacity] is to flood the European market with these products.

Products from China no longer just involve steel batteries and solar panels, which dominated the market for years with unparalleled prices. The mechanical engineering industry is another area where China has over-invested, and Chinese goods are now putting greater pressure on European manufacturers. It is said that Chinese manufacturers can produce around 50 million cars annually, but domestic demand may only be as much as 23 million vehicles. China plans to export the surplus to the rest of the world.

In terms of technical specifications, Chinese cars are at least comparable to most German cars, but they are often much cheaper in terms of price. “In the near future, a wave of industrial products may spread from China to Germany.” This is a harbinger for serious issues potentially facing Germany’s core automotive industry. Businesses and policymakers must find new answers to address these challenges.

Source: Radio France Internationale, March 15, 2024