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All Levels of Government Must Maintain a Tight Budget, Top Chinese Officials at National People’s Conference Repeatedly Emphasize

During China’s National People’s Conference, Premier Li Qiang delivered the annual “Government Work Report” on March 5th. His report stated that “governments at all levels should get used to living with a tight budget, truly tighten their belts, and effectively use fiscal funds where they are most needed and can produce real results.”

At a press conference on March 6th, Chinese Finance Minister Lan Fo’an answered a question about tight budgets, saying that “the Party Central Committee has set the clear requirement that party and government organs must live under a tight budget. Governments at all levels should take the lead in implementing [such financial constraint] and be thrifty in all undertakings. This year’s government work report emphasizes [such restraint] again, further highlighting that this is not just a temporary need but rather a long-term strategy.”

At the Guizhou provincial delegation’s discussion on March 6, Li Bingjun, Governor of Guizhou Province, said, “At the end of last year, [Party] General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Central Economic Work Conference that Party and government organs should get used to ‘living within a tight budget.’” He added, “In my understanding, ‘living with a tight budget’ is not a temporary measure, but rather the new norm.”

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