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Ministry of Education Named Seven Most Corrupt Areas in Colleges and Universities

China Review News published an article on the recently held 2015 Ministry of Education video conference on the “development of the Party’s conduct and of an honest and clean government.” The anti-corruption effort in colleges and universities will be its key focus in 2015. Among the seven areas that have the most serious corruption, the article named building construction and purchasing as the top two. In addition, corruption has also been reported in such areas as admission, accounting, research funding, school-managed enterprises, and academic dishonesty.

The article named a few college officials who had recently been taken down from their posts. They include the party secretary of Jining Medical University, the Principal of Nanchang University, the Party secretary from Ling Jing University and several others. It also mentioned that Renmin University was reported as having committed 49 counts of violations including in the area of student admissions. The result was that 47 people will be going through legal proceedings, 114 have received the Party’s disciplinary fine, and 14 received verbal warnings.

Source: China Review News, April 5, 2015