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China Threatens Paraguay Over Diplomatic Relations with Taiwan

At the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s press conference on March 25, a reporter asked: “According to reports, Paraguayan President Peña said on March 23 in a social media post that the 66 years of diplomatic relations between Paraguay and Taiwan have been ‘deep’ and ‘friendly.’ And this has not hindered Paraguay’s trade with China, as the country is still exporting soybeans to China. What is China’s comment on this?”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian stated that there is only one China in the world, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing all of China. “China is the world’s top soybean importer. According to official Chinese statistics, China has imported zero soybeans from Paraguay in recent years. If the Paraguayan government truly wants to work for the development of the country and the wellbeing of its people, it should see the big picture and choose to stand on the right side of history, instead of putting its mind on ‘playing smart’ and ‘exploiting loopholes.'”

Source: Xinhua, March 25, 2024