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RFA: Fiji Asks Chinese Police to Leave the Country

Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently reported that Beijing’s influence in the South Pacific is growing as China increases its investment and diplomatic relations in the region. This situation has caused concern in Fiji. Fijian Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka stated recently that he has asked the Chinese police stationed in his country to leave, and that he will review the police cooperation agreement signed with China. He said that the judicial systems and police investigation methods of the two countries are not the same, and that he is uneasy about China’s deployment of public security in the Fiji police force.

Fiji is retaining its police cooperation agreement with China for the time being, allowing senior police officers to continue to receive training in China. The agreement will be under review, however. Rabuka said Chinese diplomats have accepted his decision.

China’s recent investment in the Solomon Islands has attracted attention across the region, and leaders of many South Pacific Island countries are worried that China’s growing influence will lead to the erosion of their democracy and values. Rabuka reminded leaders of relevant countries to be vigilant and consider the price they will have to pay for accepting Chinese investment. Fiji’s decision will likely lead neighboring countries to examine their options in the geopolitical tussle between the United States and China. It appears that China’s policy of using economic aid to promote influence has begun to show cracks.

Source: RFA, March 29, 2024