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Ministry of State Security Creates Short Film to Warn Chinese Companies of Spying by Foreign Consulting Firms

Beijing recently held the China Development Forum, where Xi Jinping met in person with representatives of  foreign companies on March 27th and showed an open attitude toward those companies. On March 28th, however, the Chinese Ministry of State Security released a short film warning the Chinese people to be vigilant about foreign consulting companies’ potential theft of sensitive information in key areas.

The ministry’s WeChat account posted the film under the title “Beware! ‘Secret’ Investigations Conceal National Security Risks.” The film charged that, in recent years, “foreign espionage and intelligence agencies” have conducted espionage operations, and that the movie was based on real cases.

The movie lasts about 8 minutes and 22 seconds and is divided into 4 segments for broadcast. It reveals how “foreign espionage and intelligence agencies” instructed “overseas investigative consulting companies” to take advantage when Chinese companies seek overseas investment. These consulting companies conduct comprehensive investigations on the company to “obtain core data and national secrets” resulting in “losses to national security and interests.” They use methods such as enticing company personnel to answer sensitive questions, accessing sensitive information beyond the scope of their work, and filming sensitive files related to core products.

The Ministry of State Security reminded the Chinese people about China’s “Counter-Espionage Law” and its “Regulations on Management of Foreign-Related Investigations,” emphasizing that “national security is everyone’s responsibility.” Citizens who discover “suspicious situations that endanger national security” should immediately call to make a report.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), March 28, 2024