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CCP Uses Ma Ying-Jeou’s China Trip to Promote Its Agenda

Taiwan’s former President Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomingtang party is leading a group of Taiwanese youths to visit China. On April 4th they participated in a ceremony to commemorate the Yellow Emperor, an ancient Chinese cultural hero known as “the origin of Chinese people,” in the Yellow Emperor’s hometown in Shaanxi Province.

People’s Daily reported that Ma’s Taiwanese youth group had their hearts filled with “a sense of pride and admiration” through participating in various activities in mainland China. “From watching drone performances to test-driving the latest new-energy vehicles, from experiencing advanced artificial intelligence technology to witnessing century-spanning projects like the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, they have personally experienced the economic development and technological progress of the mainland.” The report said that “some Taiwanese youths proudly call themselves fans of China’s products.”

According to Taiwanese newspaper Liberty Times, sources have revealed that the anticipated meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou will be deliberately postponed from April 8th to April 10th. This is being done in order to “counter” several meetings that will be held in the U.S. on April 10th-11th. On April 10th, U.S. President Biden will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Washington DC, with planned discussion on security, regional situations, and the importance of Taiwan Strait security. Philippine President Macapagal-Arroyo will arrive in the U.S. on April 11th, and the three parties will then engage in a US-Japan-Philippines trilateral summit, undoubtedly touching on issues regarding the South China Sea.

Senior national security officials in Taiwan pointed out that the CCP usually summons Ma whenever the global democratic community prepares to confront the CCP’s authoritarian regime. Ma’s recent talk of “One China” and “Taiwan is not a country” seem to have paved the way for the upcoming “Xi-Ma meeting.” Ma’s trip relates to Xi Jinping’s agenda of “unification” of Taiwan, as well as to the theme of supporting Chinese manufacturers that are under U.S. sanction.

According to Radio France International (RFI), Ma stated on January 9th (a few days before Taiwan’s last Presidential election) that “you must trust Xi Jinping” regarding cross-strait relations. He claimed that Xi has no intention of unification [of Taiwan and Mainland China]. He also said that the Taiwanese people would be able to accept unification [if it came to that]. RFI reported that Ma’s remark caused a wide range of public criticism, forcing the Kuomintang’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Hou Youyi and Zhao Shaokang, to quickly distance themselves from Ma.

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