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Qiushi Theory on the Challenges to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Qiushi Theory published an article on the challenges to socialism with Chinese characteristics. The article summarized three challenges that the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics will inevitably face. 

The first is external Pressure. The article said that Western countries take the growth in China as a threat to their value system. Therefore, they have strengthened their effort to prevent the infiltration of Chinese ideology. A number of conflicts also exist in China’s neighboring countries. China needs to have superior wisdom in order to face these challenges.

The second is growing Pains. The article stated that, as China grows, it faces new challenges and risks in its economic development and reform. Different social issues exist, which affect whether China advances or retreats. Therefore, China must have the courage to deal with these growing pains. 

The third is major tests for the country’s leadership. The article said that how the Party manages the major tests and risks it is facing is a key to how the Party accomplishes its goals. Therefore the Party must be determined while increasing its effort to enforce strict discipline within the Party.

Source: Qiushi Theory, April 23, 2015