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RFI: Taiwan Rejects China’s Relief Aid After Earthquake

Following the magnitude 7.4 earthquake that struck Taiwan on the morning of April 3rd, Radio France Internationale (RFI) reported that Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council quickly rejected aid offered by mainland China, saying it was not needed.

Analysts explained that Beijing’s aid always comes with conditions attached and is not a true gesture of goodwill. Some suggested that, instead of providing aid, it would be better for the mainland to stop interfering with the Taiwanese government’s disaster relief effort.

The report stated that “China has been unwilling to give up the threat of force to expand its control over Taiwan, and the Taiwanese people are naturally highly suspicious of China’s intentions.” The article mentioned that mainland China blocked the United Nations from providing much-needed assistance to Taiwan 25 years ago when it suffered “The Great 921 Earthquake.” In recent years, mainland aircraft and warships frequently disturb the areas surrounding Taiwan. This trend is only intensifying. Because of these ongoing military threats, people in Taiwan are highly suspicious of China’s intentions.

Some scholars expressed the belief that China may have anticipated Taiwan’s reaction. The argument is as follows: When Beijing made an offer that was very likely to be rejected, they were not actually trying to help; they were setting a trap to embarrass Taiwan for rejecting aid that appears to have been offered in goodwill.

Source: RFI, April 5, 2024