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China and Thailand to Carry Out Joint Moon Exploration

On April 5th, China’s National Space Administration and Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation jointly signed a “Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation for Exploration and Peaceful Utilization of Outer Space” as well as a “Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation on an International Lunar Research Station.”

Xinhua reported that “China and Thailand will establish joint committees and working groups to strengthen cooperation in the fields of space exploration, space applications, building space capacity. This will be done through joint space projects, scientific exchange programs, personnel training plans, data and information exchange, and organization of joint thematic workshops and scientific seminars.”

“China’s Chang’e-7 mission [planned for 2026] will reportedly carry a ‘Global Space Weather Monitoring’ device developed by Thailand. This will be the first time a Thai scientific instrument enters deep space from Earth orbit. China’s Chang’e-8 mission [planned for 2028] provides opportunities for international collaboration, with the ability to carry payloads of 200 kilograms. Thailand has submitted several applications regarding lunar surface robots and scientific payloads. The applications are currently being processed.”

“China has already signed space cooperation agreements with more than 10 countries and international organizations.”

Source: Xinhua, April 5, 2024