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Qiushi Theory on Ways to Strengthen Party Propaganda Work in Colleges and Universities

Qiushi Theory published an article on how to improve the Party’s propaganda work in colleges and universities. The article stated that strengthening ideology work in colleges and universities is a strategic project. It identified the following four areas as the key focus:

1) Strengthening the colleges and universities’ sense of responsibility for carrying out propaganda work. The colleges and universities should provide proper education and guidance to the students. It should become a solid foundation to spread the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Colleges and universities should also be on guard against those that attack the Party and the system or spread distorted and irresponsible theories.

2) Improving the power of inspiration. Propaganda work must ensure that the students can benefit mentally and spiritually. Therefore, it should focus on solving the practical issues the students face and come up with plans to work with students who have different needs and are from different backgrounds.

3) Expanding the coverage of propaganda work. The propaganda network should facilitate the messages being heard through new media such as micro blogs, videos, and cell phones and on bulletin boards throughout the campus.

4) Building a strong energy field to attract students. Colleges and universities should launch different campus activities in order to create a positive environment to attract students. Meanwhile the faculty and staff should improve themselves and act as role models for the students.

Source: Qiushi Theory, April 29, 2015