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Chinese Military Attaché Tails Taiwanese Vice President-Elect in Czechia

Several vehicles followed Taiwanese Vice President-elect Ms. Hsiao Bi-khim during a visit to Prague in March. A Chinese Military Attaché, holding a diplomatic passport and working for the military department of the Chinese Embassy in Prague, was driving one of the vehicles. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reportedly “handling” the matter, which is “not yet resolved;” the Czech government has summoned the Chinese ambassador and is considering designating the individual involved as persona non grata, potentially leading to his expulsion from the country.

Czech media outlet Seznam Zpravy reported that several vehicles were seen following Hsiao’s police motorcade when she arrived in the Prague city center. At an intersection, one of the trailing vehicles ran a red light, almost crashing into her convoy. The Czech police stopped the vehicle and found that the driver held a diplomatic passport of the People’s Republic of China. He worked for the military department of the Chinese Embassy in Prague. The Chinese military diplomat denied that he had been following Ms. Hsiao, claiming that he was just going to a nearby Chinese restaurant for a meal. Nevertheless, reports pointed out that the car had been following her all the way to her hotel.

Ms. Hsiao Bi-khim’s visit to Prague was part of a tour of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Lithuania in March.

Source: China Times (Taiwan), April 6, 2024