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China Limits Sources That Internet Media Companies Can Use

The Economic Weekly, a publication under People’s Daily reported that the Cyberspace Administration of China released a list of media from which Internet media companies may reprint news articles. 

According to the Economic Weekly, the list was assembled and released “in order to strengthen control over the sources of online news and to standardize and maintain order related to reprints.” Over 380 websites, TV and radio stations, newspapers, and journals are included in the list. The Communist Party, the central government, or local authorities run or control each and every one of them. No non-government media and no foreign media are included.  The understanding is implicit that these companies are the only sources of news that Internet media companies can reprint. No other sources of news may be used. 
Economic Weekly, May 5, 2015 
Cyberspace Administration of China, May 5, 2015