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Chinese Major General Faults the U.S. for Rocky Military Relationship

Professor and Major General Zhu Chenghu of China’s National Defense University believes that the U.S. is responsible for the vicious cycle in the current U.S.- China relationship, i.e., interrupt, start over, interrupt again and start over again. Zhu states that the U.S.-China military relationship faces three obstacles: arms sales to Taiwan, the 2000 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and U.S. reconnaissance of China’s coastal areas. Zhu does not expect that the recent visit to the United States of Chief of the PLA, General Staff Chen Bingde, will put the relationship on a healthy path. Although the U.S. State Department opposes the sale of the F-16CD to Taiwan, the U.S. Defense Department, which proposed the sale, will eventually prevail, thus creating another crisis in the U.S.-China relationship. Zhu holds that the 2000 NDAA is unfair in that it prohibits military exchanges with China in 12 categories. 

Zhu is famous for the comment he made in 2005, in which he warned that his country could destroy hundreds of American cities with nuclear weapons if the two nations clashed over Taiwan.

Source: People’s Daily, May 23, 2011