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BBC Chinese: New U.S. Land-Based Missile System Deployed in Philippines

BBC Chinese Edition reported on April 19th that the U.S. Army’s new land-based missile launch system, the Typhon Weapon System, was recently deployed in the northern Philippines. This is the first time this new land-based missile system has appeared in the “First Island Chain.” Medium-range missiles have a range of more than 2,000 kilometers. This means the Typhon System is able to reach China’s southeastern coastal areas, the South China Sea, and the Taiwan Strait.

Experts view this development as a warning to China and a message about the United States’ military capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region. In response to the U.S. move, Beijing immediately released a high-profile counter-signal, announcing military dialogue with Cuban military leaders.

The Typhon System has mobile combat capabilities and can be mounted on heavy transport aircraft for quick deployment. The Tomahawk missiles launched by the Typhon system have medium-range strike capabilities. This means it is capable of long-distance deep strikes against high-value targets such as command and control centers, ammunition depots, and airports. The Typhon System has a longer range than the U.S.’s Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS).

The war in Ukraine has shown how difficult it is to attack a mobile system such as the Typhon. The system can also launch the RIM-174B Standard Extended Range Active Missile, which is able to attack both land and sea targets. This latest deployment appears to serve as a verification that the United States can quickly deploy the system to overseas military theaters.

Source: BBC Chinese, April 19, 2024