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Qiushi: The Lessons Learned from the Fall of the Soviet Union

Qiushi, a Communist Party Central Committee magazine, recently published an article discussing the points some people make when they call for amendments and new laws that push for freedom of the press and the privatization of state-owned companies. The article analyzed the reasons that led to the fall of the Soviet Union. According to the author, some major events played an important role: the constitutional amendment that removed the Soviet Communist Party’s leading role; the passage of the Law of the Press that legalized “Western style media”; and the introduction of the Law of Privatization, which fully privatized the state-owned Soviet enterprises. The article also pointed out that nationalization of the Communist Party controlled army is another dangerous idea. The author blamed Gorbachev for allowing all the things that led to the death of the Soviet Union to happen; he also called for the Chinese leadership to pay attention to the lessons to be learned.
Source: Qiushi, May 11, 2015