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China Establishes New Information Support Force, Dissolving Strategic Support Force

On April 19th, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dissolved the Strategic Support Force and established a new Chinese People’s Liberation Army Information Support Force. At the inauguration ceremony, CCP leader Xi Jinping stated that the Information Support Force is a brand new strategic military branch, emphasizing that it must resolutely follow the Party’s command.

According to state media reports, the inauguration ceremony began at 4pm. Xi Jinping awarded the military flag to the Information Support Force’s commander Bi Yi and to political commissar Li Wei. Xi extended congratulations from the CCP Central Committee and the CMC. Former commander Ju Qiansheng of the Strategic Support Force did not transfer to become commander of the new Information Support Force; his next move will be closely watched.

Xi Jinping instructed the new force to implement “military thought for the new era,” adhering to strategy of “building the military through politics, reform, science and technology, personnel, and rule of law.” He said that the force must focus on combat readiness, pursue system integration and full-domain support, and build a powerful modern Information Support Force.

Xi stressed absolute obedience to the Party’s command and comprehensive implementation of the Party’s absolute leadership over the military to ensure absolute loyalty, purity and reliability. He said that the force must “powerfully support operations through information dominance and joint victory.”

Li Wei vowed on behalf of the force to resolutely implement Xi’s instructions, obey the CCP Central Committee, CMC and Xi’s command, focus on combat preparedness, and loyally fulfill duties.

After the ceremony, Xi met with the Information Support Force’s leadership team.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), April 19, 2024