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Lianhe Zaobao: North Korean Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Visits Iran

North Korea’s official news agency KCNA (Korean Central News Agency) reported on April 24 that a North Korean delegation led by Yun Jong Ho, the North Korean Cabinet Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, was visiting Iran. Ho flew out of Pyongyang on April 23 for the visit. The official report provided no other details.

Singapore’s primary Chinese language newspaper Lianhe Zaobao wrote that it is very rare for KCNA to publicly report on this type of visit. The outside world widely believes that there are secret military ties between North Korea and Iran. The two countries have long been suspected of cooperating on the production of ballistic missiles, possibly exchanging technical expertise and cooperating to manufacture needed parts.

Western news reports say that Iran has been supplying Russia with a large number of ballistic missiles for use in the war in Ukraine. North Korea is also suspected of supplying missiles and artillery to Russia. Both countries deny these charges.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao, April 24, 2024