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China’s Security Chief: Intensify “Five Oppositions” Struggle to Safeguard National Security

Chen Yixin, China’s Minister of State Security, published an article in the Study Times emphasizing the need for China’s state security apparatus to intensify its “Five Oppositions” struggle against subversion, hegemony, separatism, terrorism and espionage in order to safeguard national security.

Regarding opposition to separatism, Chen stressed promoting reunification, strengthening patriotic forces, and building public support for peaceful reunification. On countering espionage, he called for launching strong offensives, continually carrying out anti-espionage operations, deeply implementing the new Anti-Espionage Law, and resolutely “removing eavesdroppers and eliminating traitors.”

Regarding relations with foreign countries, Chen stated that China must erect a “Great Wall of steel” to defend its political security, vigilantly guarding against Western hostile forces’ attempts to westernize and divide China. Regarding China’s internal matters, Chen called for rooting out sources threatening political security, defending ideological fronts like the internet and universities against “erroneous trends.”

On opposing separatism, Chen vowed to thwart any “Taiwan independence” separatist plots, counter foreign interference, and legally punish “Taiwan spy elements” serving as accomplices to separatism, in order to uphold sovereignty and national interests. He also emphasized the promotion of reunification through strengthening patriotic, pro-unification forces and public support.

Chen advocated launching powerful offensives against espionage, continuously carrying out counter-espionage operations, improving coordination mechanisms, fully implementing the new Anti-Espionage Law to enhance legal deterrence, and resolutely “digging out eavesdroppers and eliminating traitors” while enhancing all-round counter-espionage efforts.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), April 29, 2024