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Xi Jinping: Build a Pro-Socialist Contingent Outside of China

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a three-day meeting in Beijing of the united front work, which closed on May 21, 2015. At the meeting, Xi called for authorities to befriend and recruit more overseas Chinese to build a pro-China and pro-socialist contingent outside of China. 

Three groups of overseas Chinese are priorities. The first group, Chinese students studying overseas, are “a new focal point of the united front work.” Second, authorities must strengthen and improve the work on well-known “representative figures of the new media,” establish regular communications, “let them demonstrate positive energy in cleaning up the Internet, and in promoting the [Party’s] main theme.” Authorities must guide the third group, business owners and their younger generations on being patriotic to China. 
“It is our Party’s consistent policy to train and use non-Party individuals. [We] must deepen our work to train, select and use non-Party individuals, and strive to cultivate a contingent that proactively accepts the leadership of the Communist Party of China, unswervingly takes the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, and has strong representation and the ability to participate in politics.” 
Source: People’s Daily, May 21, 2015