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X Platform Suspends Many Chinese Accounts That Criticize CCP

Recently, many social media users found their X platform accounts critical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) suddenly suspended without warning or explanation, and they were unable to appeal.

For example, Yang Caiying, who lives in Japan, said that her account was suspended because she shared information (found on the Internet) about CCP officials who persecuted her family members. Her friend’s X account was also suspended for mentioning some corrupt Chinese officials. Her repeated appeals to X yielded no results. “These days, I appeal twice every day. The first response always comes quickly, citing repeated violations of the rules leading to permanent suspension. My second appeal hardly got any response. I asked X to provide me the tweets supposedly violating their rules, but they didn’t provide the tweets nor did they offer any explanation. Their actions are just like those of the Chinese government.”

A social media user collected information from more than a hundred netizens who reported their accounts being suspended on May 3rd.

People suspect that X has a list of accounts targeted for suspension. The account “Nike in Australia” (Nike在澳洲) said, “R.I.P. I really didn’t expect my account to die on World Press Freedom Day, May 3rd. Perhaps, this platform will become more and more like Weibo. Maybe we’ll have to use puns in our tweets in the future. We all know that he [Elon Musk] went to China for one day, and the ban on use of his car’s [Tesla’s] Full-Self Driving capabilities in China was removed. But when he came back, before sitting for long enough to warm his seat, he started suspending accounts (that the CCP does not like). Apparently, dictatorship can be contagious; for money, so-called ‘values of freedom’ can also be sold.”

Source: Epoch Times, May 7, 2024