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Three Major Ideological Trends That Challenge Marxism with Chinese Socialistic Characteristics

On May 27, 2015,, a Chinese website headquartered in New York City, republished an article titled “Three Current Ideological Trends in China.” People’s Forum under People’s Daily had previously published this article last year on May 14, 2014. According to the article, three major ideological trends  Liberalism, Confucian Conservatism, and Dogmatic Marxism – have challenged and criticized Chinese Style Marxism (Marxism with Chinese socialistic characteristics). Those who promote Chinese Style Marxism have kept silent in the ideology arguments. The writer of the article attempted to teach the Chinese Marxists how to respond to the other three ideological trends.

According to the article, 1) Liberalism is based on the Westernized universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Liberals believe that it was a “historical mistake” for China to have imported Marxism and Leninism. China should conduct a thorough reform and get rid of Marxism and use Westernized liberalism to replace it.  2) Confucian Conservatism is based on Confucianism. Confucians believe that Marxism has ruined the Chinese culture and Marxism is the culprit to blame for the moral decay in China. 3) Dogmatic Marxism is based on the theories in Marx, Lenin, and Mao’s books. Dogmatic Marxists promote having another, thorough revolution by mobilizing the masses from the bottom up so as to establish true faith in Marxism and Communism. The author of the article concluded that none of the three ideological trends are good.

Sources: People’s Daily and DWnews, May 14, 2014 and May 27, 2015