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89 and 64 Became Taboo Numbers as the 26th Anniversary of the June 4th Student Movement Neared

Voice of America recently reported that, over the years, the numbers “89” and “64” have become sensitive words, blocked over the Internet in China, due to their being linked to the 1989 June 4th student movement in Beijing. This year, as the 26 year anniversary of the June 4th student movement approached, reports proliferated that people who tried to wire money found that, if the amount involved numbers such as “89” or “64”, the wire transfer would automatically be stopped and the customer will be notified that it was an “abnormal” transaction. In addition, the report said that the local media were strictly prohibited from mentioning the movement. People who held a ceremony, such as wearing white flowers or burning paper in honor of the dead during the June 4th anniversary, could also be subject to assault and arrest, and could be sentenced to jail terms.

Source: Voice of America, June 4, 2015