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Guangming Daily: The Importance of Training Legal Talents in Foreign Security Law

Chinese newspaper Guangming Daily recently published an article on the importance of training Chinese talent in foreign security law. The below is a partial translation of the article.

Foreign security (the security in other countries of the assets of a nation or of that nation’s companies) plays a vital role in [China’s] overall national security framework. With the increasing frequency of Chinese enterprises investing overseas, China possesses more and more assets abroad. Facing the turbulent international situation, we need to use legal tools to protect our country’s overseas interests. At the same time, certain Western countries have frequently imposed sanctions and caused interference, strengthened “export controls,” and promoted “decoupling” through a series of bills related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang. This has challenged the bottom line of our national security and sovereignty.

Thus, the training of legal talents in foreign security law is critical.

Regarding the content of training, we need to enhance the ability to apply international rules. Through globalized curriculum teaching, academic exchanges abroad, etc., students should develop an international perspective and global strategic thinking. They should enhance their ability to propose valuable countermeasure suggestions regarding global security issues and foreign security affairs. We need to get our foreign security legal talents to actively participate in global governance as well as in the formulation of international rules via international organizations.

Regarding the training path, on the one hand, we need to cooperate on joint practical education platforms with international organizations, overseas institutions and companies, multinational corporations, foreign law firms, arbitration institutions, etc. We need to jointly develop core courses, and compile high-quality teaching materials. On the other hand, we need to accelerate the “bringing-in” of top-notch faculty from overseas and at the same time create opportunities to send more of our outstanding students abroad.

Source: Guangming Daily, May 11, 2024