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PLA Social Media Photo Reveals Taiwan Invasion Training Tactic

A photo posted on Weibo  by the Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) began circulating on the Internet around March 23rd. The photo showed the reunion of the 12 PLA model units of after a 60-year hiatus. A sharp-eyed netizen found that, in one corner of the photo, there was a sign for a “Juguang Taekwondo Gym (莒光跆拳道館).” It was a training site set at the “Gaolinshan Tactical Training Base” of the 72nd Group Army of the PLA in Jurong, Jiangsu Province. This site completely simulates Taiwan’s “Shangtian Juguang Taekwondo Gym” at No. 18, Section 4, Yangxin Road, Yangmei, Taoyuan. It reveals that the PLA has been conducting exercises with its elite forces to launch a surprise attack on Taiwan, occupying key areas in the Yangmei area for urban warfare and blocking the northward advancement of the Hukou armored division.

The Shangtian Juguang Taekwondo Gym is located at the intersection of County Road 115 and Township Road 81, controlling the bridge over the Shizi River. Less than 700 meters to the west, within the range of a machine gun, is the intersection of Provincial Highway 31 and County Road 115, with Provincial Highway 31 being a vital road built along the high-speed rail that connects Taoyuan and Hsinchu. It is also the critical route for tanks and armored vehicles heading north.

About 4 kilometers east of the gym, across the Yangmei urban area, there is an abandoned mountaintop camp. Retired General Li Zhengjie explained that occupying this high point would cut off National Highway 1, which is 1 kilometer further east. Following this pattern, the PLA’s intention seems to be to set up defense lines along County Road 114 and County Road 115, cutting off all traffic arteries from Yong’an Fishing Port to National Highway 3.

On the southern front is the Shizi River; by guarding the bridges across the Shizi River, the PLA could block the northward support of the Hukou armored brigade to Taoyuan Airport.

Source: Up Media (Taiwan), March 26, 2024