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VOA: Chinese Diplomat Calls on Chinese Media to Break the Foreign Media Barrier

Voice of America carried an article that quoted comments that He Yafei, Chinese diplomat and current Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave at a recent talk. He spoke at a “China and External Communication Forum” held in Chongqing on June 11. The article said that He called on the media in China to break the barrier of foreign media. According to He, even though China has made a large investment in building its propaganda team overseas, China’s voice is too weak and is limited in disseminating its story. Close to 50 Western media outlets account for 95 percent of the world’s media market and only 20 percent of the people from foreign countries have gotten to know China through Chinese media. He said that the Western media initiated propaganda promulgating the China Threat and the China Collapse theories. They constantly impose its own value system on others. As to the attacks and negative comments on China, He said that China needs to have an open dialogue and clarify the facts.

Source: Voice of America, June 12, 2015