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Xinhua: China Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation Into Chemical Products From The West

Xinhua recently reported that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has announced an anti-dumping investigation into imports of copolymer polyoxymethylene originating from the European Union, the United States, Taiwan and Japan. Chinese manufacturers in the copolymer polyoxymethylene industry have officially submitted an anti-dumping investigation application.

According to Xinhua, copolymer polyoxymethylene has good comprehensive mechanical characteristics such as high mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, and creep resistance. It can partially replace metal materials such as copper, zinc, tin, and lead. It can either be used directly or after modification, with applications in auto parts, electronic appliances, industrial machinery, daily necessities, sports equipment, medical equipment, pipe fittings, construction materials and other fields.

Deutsche Welle (DW) Chinese Edition reported that the Chinese anti-dumping investigation will last for one year and might be extended for another 6 months after that “under special circumstances.” Industry analysts expressed the belief that this Chinese government’s investigation is a countermeasure against Western countries’ recent intensification of crackdowns on Chinese electric vehicles and other products. China’s polyformaldehyde production capacity is 590,000 tons/year. Most of this capacity is low-end output. In recent years, China has typically needed to import over 300,000 tons of polyformaldehyde annually, with a large portion of imports being used in the high value-added auto parts industry as well as the high-end electronic and electrical industries.

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