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Wei Jingsheng: China’s Real Estate Problem Caused by System Issues of Planned Economy

Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng shared his view on the causes of the current problems facing China’s real estate market.

In his view, the real estate crisis stems mainly from two factors. The first factor is that the government encouraged rapid, large-scale development, pursuing big GDP figures. The second, more alarming factor is China’s semi-market-economy system. Instead of embracing a full market economy, China uses government directives (rather than the economic data) to guide market activities. This is, in essence, a “planned economy” system.

Xi Jinping’s advisors have come up with two approaches to saving China’s economy, attempting to alleviate excess production capacity. The first approach is to shift the crisis outward, which means exporting surplus production capacity to the world. The U.S. is currently leading the resistance against this first approach. The second approach is to transfer the crisis onto the Chinese people – asking them to spend money on new houses or to replace/upgrade electric appliances.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 24, 2024