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China Daily: Google’s Political Farce

In response to Google’s accusations of recent attacks from China’s Jinan City against Gmail users in the U.S. government and elsewhere, the state-run China Daily published an opinion article, “Google’s Political Farce.”

The article says, “This time Google is playing its old tricks at a time when the U.S. government and the public are making a great whoop on the issue of the Internet. One is led to believe that Google has attempted to play a role in a political farce.” Then it goes on to list figures to show that China has also suffered from hackers’ attacks, coming mainly from the U.S. 
“Therefore, if Google has really suffered from ‘Chinese hackers’ attacks,’ it could resort to the judicial cooperation mechanism between China and the U.S. to find solutions. Google, ignores this effective channel, but is ‘loudly shouting’ without offering any evidence. It will only make people believe that Google is not seeking a solution, but has ulterior motives.”
Source: China Daily, June 5, 2011