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Xinhua Denounces Lai Ching-te’s Statement on “Three Chains”

Xinhua News Agency published an article suggesting that the “three chains” statement in the inaugural speech by Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te was a blatant attempt to “seek (Taiwanese) independence” and “sell Taiwan’s interests to the United States.” In his speech, Lai Ching-te said that Taiwan holds a “strategic position in the ‘first island chain'” and is a “highlight of the ‘world democratic chain'” as well as “a key part of the global democratic supply chain.”

The recent Xinhua article stated that the “island chain” is an anti-China concept used to “contain China.” According to the article, the concept of a “world democratic chain” is a joke, as Lai Ching-te is the person least qualified to talk about democracy. The “global democratic supply chain” will drive Taiwan’s economy to a dead end; supply chains have never been about democracy but are rather about efficiency.

The article went on to say that Lai’s “three chains” statement completely exposes Lai Ching-te’s evil intentions of “seeking independence by relying on external forces” and “using democracy to seek independence.” It reveals his sycophantic attitude, acting as a pawn for external forces and aligning with the so-called “democratic camp.” It shows Lai Ching-te’s willingness to sacrifice Taiwan’s interests for American hegemony.

Source: Xinhua, June 5, 2024