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Mingpao: Police Deployed in Causeway Bay and Some Protesters Removed for Mourning June 4th

Mingpao, one of the primary Hong Kong newspapers, reported on June 4 that, on the day of the 35th anniversary of the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre, a large number of Hong Kong police officers were deployed in Causeway Bay, an energetic shopping and cultural district in Hong Kong.

Many people were stopped and checked, and some protesters were removed by the police. In the evening, police dispatched armored vehicles to patrol Causeway Bay, and Deputy Commissioner of Police (National Security) Kan Kai-yan also visited Victoria Park to talk with the police officers on duty.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Victoria Park saw hundreds of thousands of local residents gathering annually to remember the June 4th Massacre. The Consuls General of the Netherlands and Germany in Hong Kong and the Acting Director of the European Union Office in Hong Kong and Macao arrived at Victoria Park at about 7:30 pm, just to “take a walk.” The three stayed for about ten minutes and then left. During this period, they did not respond to questions from the media. Kenichi Okada, the Japanese Consul General in Hong Kong, was also seen entering Victoria Park alone at around 8pm.

Source: Mingpao, June 4, 2024