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Philippine Mayor Alice Guo Suspended Amid Allegation of Being Chinese Spy

Alice Guo (Guo Huaping), the 35-year-old mayor of Bamban City in Tarlac Province, Philippines, has been suspended from work after being accused of being a Chinese spy and of involvement in a scam operation. Alice Guo’s background is quite mysterious. In 2021, she suddenly emerged and registered to run for mayor of Bamban City. She won the election smoothly.

The dynamics of Chinese influence over Philippine politics have changed, as relations between the Philippines and China worsened in recent years.

There are many immigrants from Fujian Province, China, in the Philippines, and Fujianese leaders have significant influence there. During presidential elections in the Philippines, the Chinese diaspora leaders and businessmen spend significant amounts of money financing the campaigns of their preferred politicians, as having their preferred president in office results in several years of prosperity for their businesses. They maintain close ties with the Chinese Communist Party’s Department of United Front Works as well as with China’s diplomatic and intelligence departments; in the past these Fujianese diaspora leaders and businessmen have played key roles in the Philippines during moments that Beijing considers critical.

In March of last year, the Philippine police raided a location in Bamban which was disguised as a POGO site (a local term for an offshore gambling venue). The venue was actually a scam center; the police rescued nearly 700 individuals, including 202 Chinese nationals and 73 people from other countries, who had been forced into “online romance scams.” Alice Guo was found to own half of the land involved in the POGO operation, which was located right behind her office. Alice Guo owns a helicopter and a Ford Expedition SUV.

Source:, June 4, 2024