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Dongxiang Magazine: Zeng Qinghong’s Two Trusted Subordinates in the National Security System Sacked, a popular Chinese media website, republished a report (originally from Dongxiang, a Hong Kong news magazine) that suggested Zeng Qinghong might be in trouble. 

The report said, “After Xi Jinping came to power, he started to purge the Ministry of State Security, which Jiang Zemin’s faction had long dominated. Following the sack of Zeng Qinghong’s henchmen Ma Jian, Vice Minister of the CPC National Security Ministry, Zeng’s other confidant Le Dake, deputy director of the Tibetan People’s Congress, was then put under investigation.” 
Le’s dismissal was announced on the morning of June 26. He is the first provincial-level official to be investigated in Tibet after the "Eighteenth Congress of the CCP." Zeng Qinghong promoted Le and he has worked in the national security system for nearly 20 years. 
“The Hong Kong newspaper Sun reported that Tibet and Xinjiang have been resisting the anti-corruption campaign, using the excuse of exceptional circumstances. Especially at the local public security level and the national security system, corruption has become a ‘forbidden zone.’ Le Dake’s arrest shows that Xi does not recognize any forbidden zone in anti-corruption.” 

“Le’s dismissal is another major case in the state security system. He represents another important dismissed figure following the Beijing National Security Bureau head Liang Ke, Vice Minister Lu Zhongwei, and Vice Minister Ma Jian of the Ministry of State Security.” 

Source:, June 27, 2015