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Red Flag Manuscript: The U.S. Exports Inflation and Political Instability

A researcher on Marxism from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences wrote an article for Red Flag Manuscript that was the reprinted in Qiushi (both are leading Communist Party publications). The researcher asserted that United States monetary policy “is causing global inflation and leading to political instability” to its own advantage. “In the past two years, food and fuel prices in many countries rose enormously. As the expenditures for the consumption of food and fuel account for a greater share in developing countries, the Federal Reserve’s expansionist monetary policy inevitably has a great impact on developing countries. Volatile international situations stimulate risk aversion and are conducive to maintaining the U.S. dollar’s hegemony.” According to the Red Flag article, that is the reason that, on the one hand, the U.S. is actively exporting its expansionist monetary policy and inflation, and, on the other, is trying to shift off its losses in the financial crisis by promoting "universal values” and exporting color revolutions and political turmoil.

Source: Red Flag Manuscript, reprinted by Qiushi, June 7, 2011