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People’s Daily: “Technological Weapons” to Prevent Cheating in the College Entrance Exam

China holds national college entrance exams once a year. Over 13 million people took the exam in 2024.  People’s Daily published an article introducing the idea of using “technological weapons” to prevent cheating on the exam.

  • Beijing has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to monitor the exam rooms to identify student cheating and mass incidents (incidents involving many people, e.g. protests).
  • Shanxi Province created a system to ensure that mobile devices cannot “be brought in, used, or send signals out.”
  • Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province set up an AI check gate to prevent students from bringing any electronic equipment into the exam.
  • Henan Province “cleaned out” those local markets that sell cheating equipment. It also set up electromagnetic systems to inspect vehicles, houses, and people for radio transmission equipment and to check radio signals in the relevant frequency bands.

Source: People’s Daily, June 7, 2024