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Xinhua Exclusive Report Says Western Media Incited Turkish Anti-China Demonstrations

China’s state media Xinhua published an exclusive report to “disclose” information about the recent Turkish demonstrations against the Chinese government. In asking what caused the demonstrations, the report quoted unnamed analysts who “point out that a few Western media have long been distorting China’s ethnic policy and the living status of those in ethnic minority areas. A small group of agitators and their reporting of rumors that [China] banned the ‘Ramadan fast’ in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region have brought about the recent anti-China protests in Turkey.” 

As for why the demonstrations are worsening to such a level, Xinhua News Agency reporter Zou Yue in Ankara  said that since the holy month of Ramadan began on June 18, a few Turkish media quoted foreign media that said that Xinjiang has banned some Muslims from fasting for ‘Lent.’ Thereafter, related reports were spread on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Some Turkish nationalists have posted pictures on social media of so-called ‘Chinese police beating and maiming Uighur women and children.’ The Turkish mainstream media subsequently also made the relevant reports.” “After the incitement of various distorted reports, anti-China sentiment in Turkey increased rapidly.” 

Source: Xinhua, July 6, 2015