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Banks in Shenzhen Require Reservations for Large Cash Withdrawals

Multiple banks in Shenzhen, China, have recently required customers to make reservations in advance if they wish to withdraw over 50,000 yuan (around $7,500 USD) in cash. Some banks even require reservations for withdrawals of over 20,000 yuan. Bank staff say this is to avoid scenarios where too many customers withdraw cash on the same day, leading to cash shortages at the banks.

Reporters at Southern Metropolis Daily have found that, at some Shenzhen banks, withdrawals of sums under 20,000 yuan can be made at ATMs, withdrawals of between 20,000 and 50,000 yuan can be made directly at the counter, and withdrawals of over 50,000 yuan require an advance reservation. Large withdrawals may require banking customers to document their intended use for the cash.

Specific withdrawal limits vary between banks. China Merchants Bank requires advanced reservations for withdrawals of over 20,000 yuan, whereas Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank only requires it for sums of over 100,000 yuan. Hangzhou Bank requires proof of intended use for sums of over 200,000 yuan. China Construction Bank requires advance reservation (via an app) and approval for over withdrawals of over 200,000 yuan.

Staff at the Bank of Beijing and the Industrial Bank branches in Shenzhen said the 50,000+ yuan reservation requirement aims at preventing customers from making sudden large withdrawals. Such withdrawals could result in the branch having insufficient cash on hand. Customers are required to provide details when making their withdrawal reservation.

A branch manager at Postal Savings Bank said that reservations for next-day withdrawals must be made before 3pm.

A bank in Jilin province previously required police approval for withdrawals of over 20,000 yuan. This drew public controversy. The bank said that the requirement was for anti-fraud purposes.

The Southern Metropolis Daily report notes that bank staff will generally allow withdrawals after assessing the customer’s recent transaction activity, and that the process aims to be efficient for customers.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), June 15, 2024