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PLA Daily: China Must Clean up the Soil that Breeds Traitors

On July 13, 2015, People’s Liberation Army Daily published a full page article on how the Chinese puppet army collaborated with Japan during China’s resistance to the Japanese invasion. The article stated that, during World War II, China was the only country where the number of puppet army soldiers exceeded the number of invaders. 

Comparing it with the present, the article stated that some people in China have become the new generation of "economic traitors," "political traitors," and "Internet traitors" who betray the national interest. As Western countries’ "color revolutions" and "politically transgenic" projects intensify, people with weak political will and those full of greed have been or are becoming new recruits for the hostile forces. The article concluded that today’s China still has fertile soil that breeds traitors and that such soil should be cleaned up. 
Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily reprinted by People’s Daily, July 13, 2015