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Qiushi Theory on the Negative Internet Culture

Qiushi Theory published an article on the “negative Internet culture.” The article described this as “negative cultural contents and phenomenon that bring damage to or have a negative impact on China’s mainstream ideology.” It stated that China must be on guard against it and take action to promote positive culture online.

According to the article, the impact of negative culture includes the “weakened feeling that Internet users have towards the Party as well as in their support of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.” The article stated that it was caused by the negative social trend and value system which is gaining the discourse right on the Internet. Meanwhile “the U.S. has been leading the Western countries to use their dominance in Internet technology to cause China’s ideology system to be permeated with Neoliberalism.” The article also listed a number of negative moral crises which include Internet contents that are full of violence, pornography, gambling, drugs, and cheating; as well as psychological and mental illnesses affecting those who are addicted to the Internet.

The article made a number of recommendations to minimize the impact of the negative Internet culture. In addition to establishing legal guidelines, the article suggested that the completion of the real-name registration system for all Internet users would help. It also suggested that an award system could be used for people who gave tips about the information. Lastly it suggested that, in order to stop relying on the Internet technology that the Western countries provide, with the U.S. as leader, there is a need to develop technology teams with the skills that are able to eliminate and prevent the spread of negative online culture contents.

Source: Qiushi Theory, July 18, 2015