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People’s Daily Had Full Page Coverage of The Difficult Position that Democracy Faces in the U.S.

Xinhua reported that, on July 26, the print edition of People’s Daily used a full page to cover the issue of democracy in the U.S. The title was, “The Difficult Position Democracy Faces in the U.S.” In the editor’s note, the article questioned what happened to democracy in the U.S. It said that democracy in US has turned into a mere show off piece, which is a problem in itself. It is evident in the U.S. economy, in the model for the operation of democracy, and in U.S. foreign policy. The full page consisted of the translation of four articles. These were, “Money dictates Politics; ‘American Democracy’ is not a true Democracy,” written by John Ross, the former director of London’s economic and business policy [Editor’s note: John Ross was economic advisor to Ken Livingstone when he was mayor of London]; “A Double Standard is Used; Inequality is Increasing,” written by Boris Guseletov, the Advisor to the State Duma (Russian Parliament); “The Small Group holding Power Has Control of the General Population; the Oligarchy Damages Democratic Values,” written by Paulo Duate, Researcher at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium; and “American Democracy Does Not Fit Other Countries; Being a Copy Cat will not Work," written by Yuksel Gormez, the Central Bank of Turkey’s Beijing Economic Counselor.

Source: Xinhua, July 26, 2015